Wondering if you are considered a dj or not

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Wondering if you are considered a dj or not

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As I work with new people I often get asked "When will I be considered a real dj". This will solve any question you may have about being a Dj. Just a simple answer yes or no to the following question will determine if you are a real dj.

Lets go down the SKYNET list:
1)Have you ever been reprimanded for taking your momas classic records you thought were wack and learned to scratch with them? you might be a dj?

2)Have you owned a Gemeni mixer? In my book every real dj has owned at least 1 Gemeni (analog) MIXER. **Before midi and sync buttons there was the sampler button and battle switches on your mixer.

3)Have you ever had to replace a cross fader? ** djs used to have to move them and yes they wore out when used properly.

4)Have you ever carried records up a flight of stairs to a dj booth?

5)Here is one – If you don’t know what colored dots are for = You are not a dj

6)Do you have several pairs of broken headphones laying around?

7)Have you ever dragged you eqpt around (in the rain), played 4hours straight and at the end of the night the promoter stiffs you. YOU are a DJ.

8)You are not a real dj if you never played a house party with wooden floors, Cerwin vega bass and breakdancers and not skipped a standard head shell stylus.

9)Did you just make a puzzled face when I mention head shell and stylus?

10)Last but not least – if ANY of this offends you . . . you are not a real dj!
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